Global Students Success Speaker: Global Students Success Speaker for Global Students Experience
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Global Students Success Speaker: Global Students Success Speaker for Global Students Experience

Paul maintains a rigorous global students success speaking schedule each year, which takes him frequently overseas and throughout the North America.

Invite Paul to speak at your next global students experience event. Global students success & empowerment with Paul is life-changing and impacting.
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Long gone are the days of isolationism and protectionism, whereby nations kept back their own people from leaving their borders to brave the high seas and journey to foreign lands seeking adventure and discovery. When the Berlin wall fell between East and West Germany, walls and barriers collapsed throughout the world and people across the earth experienced a newfound freedom.

Freedom rings loud and clear within the hearts of humanity. People deeply want to connect with the beauty of creation and thereby discover the unimaginable facets and glory of their Creator. The heart of mankind is such that we love to explore, adventure, discover, taste, and see new things. The world was created to be enjoyed and people impregnated with hearts inclined to purposefully explore. Such global exploration leads to great personal, relational, and professional fulfillment.

Newness of life is a way of life and one I have wholeheartedly embraced for 20 years. With the faith of a child I have recklessly abandoned myself to follow my heartfelt passions and journey afar to foreign lands (over 55 countries, more than 50 islands and 6 continents thus far), where I have met some of the most wonderful people, experienced cross-cultural joy, and immense personal fulfillment.

You’d have to kill me to get me to stop traveling overseas. I am a nomad at heart. Whether I am in the most untouched terrains of rural Africa or the illustrious Mediterranean Sea beholding the breathtaking Greek islands, my heart is always greatly alive when I am in the midst of new experiences and global exploration.

That being said I deeply want to awaken the hearts of all students (especially secondary, college and university students) to the global students experience. When students with passport in hand leave their homeland to journey to new and far away places, it awakens both the child and adult within. This glorious blend of childhood passion and adult like responsibility is dynamically awakened when students journey beyond the comfort zone into the unknown.

I cannot recommend a greater experience to both educate students and facilitate personal self-awareness then a cross-cultural journey to a far away land where unknown adventures and discoveries await.

Before you leave your homeland and seek to go on an adventure of a lifetime, I advise students to do a few things to first prepare their hearts and get themselves in the right frame of mind beforehand.

Like the Berlin wall separating East and West Germany that had to be chipped away at until it eventually fell, I now want to give you some daily exercises to practice internally to demolish walls that might be already and perhaps unknowingly erected in your heart subconsciously causing you to demonize and alienate other people unlike you.

How can we daily chip away at and break down walls in a post 9-11 era?

1. Refuse to be gripped and governed by fear.

Fear is self-centered revolving around self-preservation. Fear has torment and is paralyzing. Fear is interest paid in advance on something you most likely will never own. It has been said ninety percent of our fears never occur. Therefore the only thing to fear is fear itself. Be bold, courageous, and fearless!

2. Believe the best about people, until they prove otherwise.

People should be innocent until proven guilty. Seek to prove people worthy, rather than looking for guilt. There is good in all of us that needs to be affirmed and recognized. Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. Before you entertain and listen to the bad about a person, ask to hear about the good.

3. Love and accept people unconditionally.

The Creator and universe loves and accepts us unconditionally as human beings. Do likewise. Create a culture of love and acceptance. As you do a community to which others want to belong will be created. Give people hope to belong, believe, and become.

4. Be hopeful and expect the best from people.

When you show a positive expectation toward people, you cause them to want to live up to your expectations. It is the force of faith in operation pulling people higher. Speak to and address people's potential. Enlarge their vision and horizon paving the way for them to step into it.

5. Don't be paralyzed by presumption and erroneous predispositions.

Beware of propaganda. Don't believe everything the media and people tell you. Most often they are misinformed or only partially telling the entire story. Do your homework before wholly embracing something as gospel truth.

6. Investigate and seek the truth.

You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. Not everything you hear is worth listening to. Truth must be tested and examined over time. Lies last but for a moment. The truth however is timeless and always does endure. Hold to the truth and don't sell out to compromise.

7. Celebrate and honor all people.

As you live and let live, you shall liberate people. Celebrating and honoring people is the first way we bond with them. Before we can together build, we must first bond. Let the bonds of brotherhood grow, increase, and be strengthened.

8. Forgive and live.

We all make mistakes. Give people another chance and be willing to put some things behind you. We as individuals and nations learn over time. For some it takes more time than for others to catch on. As we forgive, we free ourselves from carrying hostility and hate within our hearts. When we forgive we live and allow others to do the same.

9. Be patient, peaceful, and progressive.

Change doesn't happen overnight. It is progressive and ongoing. Strive to be patient with people and nations as we all evolve. People make changes in an atmosphere of love. Russia's Gorbachev brought down the wall because of President Reagan's charm and heartfelt appeal. Reagan never threatened Gorbachev with war if he didn't obey. Love is patient and kind. Patience and a peaceful disposition often precede progress. Nobody likes to be pushed. Patience tenderly and purposefully pulls people by their heartstrings forward progressively.

10. Let dialogue and diplomacy replace hostility.

National dictators often just want to be recognized on the global scene and acknowledged. By welcoming everyone to the table to talk, we can diffuse much hostility and build bridges internationally. Nobody ever died during a discussion. Dialogue and diplomacy enables us to go deeper to the real root issue motivating a person. Let us all continue to break down walls between us so we can be a global community interconnected with heartfelt understanding and compassion.

Invite Paul to speak at your next global students experience event. Global students success & empowerment with Paul is life-changing and impacting.
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Paul F. Davis is a worldwide global students empowerment & success speaker, peacemaker, change master and mediator resolving conflict disputes. Paul is recognized globally as a catalyst for personal empowerment, success, and dream fulfillment. Paul has touched over 55 countries, more than 50 islands, and 6 continents building bridges cross-culturally and empowering people throughout the earth to live their dreams!

Paul is the author of 18 life-changing books and over 1,000 articles that have appeared in numerous business journals, trade publications, and magazines. Paul’s incredible depth and rich writings make him a notable and unforgettable speaker able to connect with and inspire any audience to achieve greatness.

Paul has appeared on several international broadcasts from Oprah & Friends to Fox News to talk about relational intricacies, conflict resolution, peacemaking, foreign policy, and diplomacy. Investor’s Business Daily interviewed Paul on success secrets.

Playboy Radio Afternoon Advice host Tiffany Granath interviewed Paul for 45 minutes and allowed him to counsel callers, after which Tiffany called Paul an "awesome" relational coach and recommends his books on love, dating, and sexuality. Paul has been quoted as a relational expert in the New York Post, First For Women on The Go, Hitched Magazine, Lava Life, Canadian Woman, and many more.

Beyond Paul’s celebrity guest appearances, Sharing Ideas professional speakers’ magazine featured Paul in an article on success secrets for speakers. By reason of his global travels, Paul is a highly sought after diversity, multicultural awareness, and global students experience speaker.

Paul worked at Ground Zero in New York City the first week of 9-11; helped rebuild a home at the tsunami epicenter; comforted victims of genocide in Rwanda; spoke to leaders in East Timor during the war; inspired students & monks in Myanmar; promoted peace & reconciliation in Pakistan; and has been so deep into the bush of rural Africa where villagers had never before seen a white man.

Academically outstanding Paul graduated with honors from his alma mater at UCF, after which Paul studied negotiations at Harvard Business School; Conflict Resolution & Mediation at Hofstra Law School; Advanced Interrogations and Theology. Paul understands the rigors of college life and therefore knows how to speak on the keys to academic success in route to earning better grades and transitioning into professional life after college. As a speaker giving college talks, Paul likes to humorously and elegantly facilitate transformation for college students in each talk he delivers.

Approachable and relatable, Paul makes college students feel unconditionally loved while simultaneously challenging them to be their best. With personal stories college students can relate to, Paul empowers college students to passionately live their dreams and be their personal best.

If personal achievement is important to you, the best thing you can do is hear an inspirational college talk delivered by an incredible motivational and keynote speaker like Paul.

Paul’s college talk delivery style is noticeably different as is his rich content. How many speakers do you know giving a talk to college students who have touched over 55 countries, more than 50 islands, and 6 continents? Paul has done so and even lived overseas in many of those continents and war-torn regions, wherein he has deeply connected cross-culturally with people throughout the world.

During the first of his five tours throughout war-torn Africa, Paul slept in a tent for two months in areas so remote villagers had never before seen a white man. Little children freaked out at first, screamed, and ran thinking Paul was a ghost. Others swarmed around him in astonishment saying, “Mzungoo” (which is to say “white man”).

Experiences throughout the world like these have shaped and made Paul into the man and motivational speaker he is today. Paul’s talks and words therefore carry an unusual depth and weight that connect and quickly penetrate the hearts of the hearers.

As a former 11th and 12th grade English teacher to international students in a heavily diverse and D grade public high school, Paul understands diversity and what college orientation directors, academic deans, and students advisors need to know to facilitate success for students transitioning from high school to college.

As a globe trekker and English teacher to international students endeavoring to attend American colleges and Universities, Paul is well acquainted with global students experiences and challenges. Global students and travel awaken Paul’s heart, as does speaking to global students on college campuses. Paul’s college talks have a unique way of bringing people together, while causing them to celebrate their differences and be empowered to happily live authentically.

A college talk with Paul is always high energy, uplifting, and engaging. Paul likes to interact with college students in the audience and role-play using real life scenarios. Voted the funniest in his high-school class, you can be sure a college talk with Paul is going to be full of fun and humor. With Paul every college talk is going to be fun, witty, and a bit wild to challenge the erroneous presumptions and misnomers students tend to hold to until they awaken and become more self-aware.

Upholding the integrity of every individual, Paul respectfully and playfully interacts with college students to cause them to think and experience a paradigm shift when needed. The son of an alcoholic and drug addict, Paul knows how to talk straight to college students and warn them of the dangers of substance abuse. Paul’s mom died as the result of an 18 year-old drunk driver on the streets at 2:00AM. Moreover Paul himself was nearly killed by a drunk driver in July 2008 when he was hit just before 5:00PM on a Tuesday afternoon in route to Stetson University. The drunk driver hit Paul from behind, spinning his car around, and thereafter being drunk and not stopping hit Paul’s car a second time completely totaling Paul’s vehicle. Upon arriving at the scene of the accident police immediately arrested the two-time DUI female offender. As for Paul, by God’s grace and hand of protection, he lived to tell about the dangers of drunk driving.

What makes a college talk special with Paul is his speaking style is heartfelt, passionate, purposeful, and powerful. A college talk with Paul is both emotional and always memorable. Paul often gets invited back year after year to many colleges and countries where he has previously given a talk.

As Paul learned in Indonesia (the world’s largest Muslim populace and archipelago full of countless islands with amazing surf), it is important to always be prepared to give a motivational talk anytime and anywhere. The Indonesians often invited Paul to speak at their birthday parties. A bit odd Paul thought, but upon arriving, the Indonesians genuinely wanted to hear a word of encouragement and inspiration on their birthday. Paul therefore would talk for 15 to 20 minutes, bless the birthday girl or boy, and proceed to enjoy the party.

Indonesians really know how to throw a birthday party! Whenever Paul gave a talk at a birthday party in Indonesia, there were usually about 75 people or more present.

That being said, Paul is available to talk to any size crowd (informal or formal) at any of the following functions (plus any other creative events you can engineer :o).

  • Lectures, Talks, Inspirational Messages (anytime, anywhere in the world)
  • Orientation, Welcome Week, College Parents’ Weekend, Family Week
  • Back-to-School Programs, College Fair
  • In service Training for Teachers, Administrators & Staff
  • Student Leadership and Academic Success Gatherings
  • Student Government Events
  • AFA, NACA, APCA, NODA, BPA, DEX Functions
  • Greek sponsored Lectures & Events
  • Panhellenic Events, fraternities and sororities
  • Housing and Residence Life Events
  • Alternative Spring Break, Semester at Sea
  • Career Day / Job Fair
  • Tolerance, Acceptance & Global Awareness
  • Commencements / Graduations
  • Students Conferences & Seminars
  • Summer programs, trainings, advances
  • Academic, Athletic and Club Events
  • Community Events & Outreaches to Give Back
  • Fundraisers, Charities & Alumni
  • Weddings, Birthday Parties, Sweet 16
  • Bar Mitzvahs or Bat Mitzvahs
  • Company Parties & Celebrations
  • Any other function where an “outside” speaker is desirable & feasible

If you have a topic you’d like to find a motivational, inspirational, and transformational speaker to give a talk on at your college or campus; contact Paul because he can create a cohesive message in line with your desirable topic (or find an associate speaker of equal caliber from his roster of professional speakers) to ensure you extraordinary success and great results.

Don’t worry about a thing when you invite Paul to speak. Paul desires to make you look great and win the respect of your college directors, advisors, co-workers and students for bringing him in to speak. Paul’s talks are high energy, rich, diverse, and carry depth to impact any audience.

Live your dreams!

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Phone - 407-967-7553

Global Students Success Speaker: Global Students Success Speaker for Global Students Experience
Global Students Success Speaker: Global Students Success Speaker for Global Students Experience
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