Social Media Speaker: Social Media Speaker to Cultivate Friends and Finances
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Social Media Speaker: Social Media Speaker to Cultivate Friends and Finances

Paul maintains a rigorous speaking schedule each year, which takes him frequently overseas and throughout the USA.

Invite Paul to speak at your next business talk or association meeting to empower you for great success.
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Social Media Speaker Secrets - Cultivate Social Relationships to Leverage Increased Business Profitability

Empowering social media speaker to personalize your business, strategically market your goods and services and captivate people through creative branding by effectively managing your message and maximizing your social media platform. In modern day business social media and online marketing is everything, without which your company is nearly invisible and nonexistent in the eyes of consumers. Until you create an online presence for social media to cultivate people, generate awareness of your products and services and state your company values and mission; consumer trust and profits will be minimal. However with the right social media apparatus and marketing strategy in place; your business can be revolutionized overnight.

Like relationships, consumers don't care about your company until you first show that you care about them. Consumers listen to one radio station - WIIFM that is "What is in it for me?" Otherwise unti their is personal appeal, your company image, message and profitability will be irrelevant to consumers. Don't forget consumers are people before they are buyers. You can begin to treat them as people by listening through your social media platform by which you connect, communicate and wholeheartedly listen to their needs. After you have thoroughly listened, then you can alter your business model and approach to effectively serve people.

As a social media speaker providing corporate training for online marketing and sales via social media platforms is a huge money maker for Paul, because he knows the secrets for online marketing and social media success. Hence unlike other want-to-be social media speakers, Paul has measurable results as a online marketing speaker and social media speaker ...first in his own business and branding (which is why organically and serendipitously companies seek Paul out willingly desiring to pay Paul to to teach them his social media secrets).

As a worldwide professional social media speaker Paul has delivered thousands of talks in 57 countries and 6 continents. As an author and writer, Paul has written 18 books, over 1,000 online articles and more than 300 press releases. Paul has also produced over 500 YouTube videos. All of these have proven to be very effective with Paul's own online marketing, branding and sales providing him meaningful and measurable outcomes.

That being said, companies of all sizes throughout various industries are making the investment to bring in an effective social media speaker of the caliber of Paul to provide them the understanding and necessary paradigm shift to effectively succeed going forward in the modern day business world. A unique social media speaker who travels the globe and interacts cross-culturally on every continent with people of various demographics, Paul has a feel for the pulse of multinational companies and emerging global business trends. Therefore not only are you getting a social media speaker when you invest in Paul to come speak to your company and organization, but you also are receiving financial advice pertinent to the ever changing landscape of the global marketplace. Moreover if you transparently tell Paul of your current corporate struggles, troubles and challenges beforehand; Paul can create prophetic presentations specifically designed to speak to and empower your leadership team for success. Paul will address internal issues respectfully, while ensuring the utmost confidence and integrity to enable all to save face and simultaneously experience a power shift propelling corporate progress. Paul's social media speaker talks are insightful, illuminating and interactively fun full of a lively group dynamic to ensure all are emotionally invested and able to comprehend the emerging social media plan to be implemented to ensure organizational success to connect with and serve people, while maximizing profits.

Social media and online marketing is the backbone of Paul's business and secret to his success. Just to give you a sense of Paul's social media power, Paul often receives refunds and heartfelt apologies from reputable corporations, major airlines, upscale restaurants (along with gifts in the mail) when he writes online and complains. One nationally known publiicist refunded Paul $2,500 when Paul wrote about the publicist's inability to produce.

Beyond that Paul's social media extends well beyond facebook and twitter. A solid social media speaker, Paul teaches business owners and executives the dos and don'ts related to social media so as to not alienate people and win consumer support.

When you hire Paul to be your social media speaker, he also becomes your secret agent on a mission to impart his unique success secrets to propel your personal success. Paul is a creative problem solver with prophetic intuition and insight. Paul therefore wholeheartedly and actively listens, being willing to role up his sleeves and get dirty within your business to ensure your ongoing success and maximum results. Whether your business needs a social media speaker, consultant, online marketing expert or help branding itself in the marketplace; Paul can astutely fulfill every role.

What social media speaker delivering a typical business talk on effective social media is willing to go the extra mile to that extent for your company? Paul obviously breaks the mold and masterfully endeavors to take businesses and companies to the next level of success through his unique social media speaker course and program. Paul therefore doesn’t apologize for "not being like other social media speakers" and happily prefers the profound and unprecedented success he gives birth to through his dynamic guerilla social media speaker success secrets designed to save and make you money!

If you are a high level executive and require the utmost confidentiality, unlike most social media speakers who cannot keep their mouths shut after their presentation, Paul knows how to safeguard proprietary information and intellectual property of Fortune 500 companies. Paul understands the importance of confidentiality within business and the marketplace, giving him a more full picture when Paul comes to serve your company as a social media speaker.

Paul F. Davis is a consistently energized and highly recognized worldwide social media speaker greatly impacting leadership throughout the international business community, producing unprecedented and unparalleled paradigm shifts within industry. Challenging managerial philosophies and business ideology, Paul reconstructs and strengthens organizations to achieve total synergy and unstoppable energy by reconnecting to the foundational vision that birthed the company.

A fresh breath of life to the business community, every business talk and inspirational message Paul delivers is tailor made to fit each unique audience and their particular challenges within business. Beyond providing motivation Paul’s business talks lead to maximum results via profound revelation, personal awakenings, and revolutionary paradigm shifts for individuals and organizations alike.

With nearly 20 years on the speaking circuit, Paul has addressed thousands of audiences worldwide touching over 55 countries, more than 50 islands, and 6 continents. No wonder Paul is one of the most sought out and frequently requested business talk lecturers, leadership trainer, social media speaker, keynote speakers and edu-tainment providers in the world today.

Whether it is breakthrough leadership, success secrets, peak performance, diversity, or overcoming adversity Paul possesses great depth and passion to inspire your business audience with the fire of desire to break barriers, overcome obstacles and live their dreams.

A creative catalyst and innovator, Paul engineers and facilitates mastermind sessions as a creative consultant to businesses in breakout sessions, seminars, and conventions. A success motivator and excuses terminator, Paul breaks limitations and stinking thinking sapping the energy of employees within the business marketplace.

Challenging business leaders miniscule thinking and giving even the best of corporate giants a "check up from the neck up"; Paul masterfully, elegantly, and humorously uproots miniscule mindsets and erroneous presumptions hindering peak performance in the business world.

Paul helps business leaders take their life back through his life balance and lifelong learner approach to business, wherewith people regain their ability to enjoy life apart from work. By cultivating a strong identity within business leaders apart from their work, Paul is propelling a new model of business success and leadership, which is causing the business community to arise with new passion and zeal to be real about how they go about getting results.

By turning the company into a family, Paul is reworking the DNA in business and industry to increase the level of connectivity in the workplace and thereby dramatically increase business productivity. Undoubtedly, a business talk from Paul is revolutionary and you will assuredly get well beyond every penny you pay to bring this business genius and catalyst in to propel organizational success at every level.

The spirit of faith and keen visionary insights Paul possess make him a highly sought after consultant to business executives from across the globe and corporate CEOs. Yet Paul always keeps his feet on the ground and remains humble, relatable, and relational with every member of the business community whether they are a giant mega CEO or restaurant owner of Bubba’s Barbeque.

A business turnaround specialist with resurrection power there is no person or situation Paul cannot speak to and impart hope to win! Learn how to go from feeling overwhelmed to overcoming from a man who has overcome nearly every setback and struggle imaginable to achieve extraordinary success.

Paul F. Davis is a man who has endured and been formed in the furnace of affliction, from which he has come forth with a fiery passion to resurrect hope within business people. A man that knows how to play with pain and perform under pressure, Paul is a warrior and wise change master knowing how to transcend difficulties and create opportunities for business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Paul is a worldwide social media speaker who has touched 57 countries and the life-changing author of 18 books including Breakthrough Leadership Success Secrets; Overcoming Adversity; Conflict Resolution; Diversity, Multiculturalism & Global Cooperation; and Empowering & Liberating Women.

A prolific writer, Paul can write a training manual or book specific to your business or company for your employees when he comes to serve as your social media speaker.

For a life-changing social media speaker invite Paul to speak to your company executives and employees for personalized training and empowerment for success.
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Phone - 407-967-7553

Social Media Speaker: Social Media Speaker to Cultivate Friends and Finances
Social Media Speaker: Social Media Speaker to Cultivate Friends and Finances
"Paul - you have an amazing way with words! You are a great communicator and have a gift of getting your reader excited.
I have looked at both of your web sites and I am blown away!! You are doing such AMAZING and WONDERFUL things!!! I downloaded your mp3 video and watched it with my 12 y/o son. He rewinded it over and over and over..."

- Lisa (North Island, New Zealand)

"I wanted to thank for the poem that I stumbled upon today when I typed "I can't take it anymore" into Google. I just typed that in a moment of frustration to see what I would get, and there were the words that I desperately needed to hear. Mostly, I was reminded to pray in that moment of frustration. I just thought you might like to know that your poem captured so many of my feelings, and I thank you for posting it."

- Customer Service Manager & Tech Support (Central Florida Company)

"Speakers have been here for 30 years but nobody has brought a message like yours."

- Dr. Philip Torboe (Vanuatu, Pacific Islands)

"Every one is saying that the leaders conference: 'IT WAS REVELATION AFTER REVELATION, POWERFUL!!!' We appreciate your coming. We were blessed so much!"

- Bishop Amisi Uwezo (Congo, Africa)

"You gave me hope for the future. I feel like anything is possible! You're awesome!"

- Tiffany N. Narvaez (Orlando, FL)

"I wanted to thank you for taking the time to give me such valuable advice and insight into all the facets of my life at this moment.
Since we last spoke, I've been able to implement several of the suggestions that you mentioned and have witnessed favorable results. A notable one was with a client I mentioned I was having a little bit of problems with. Your suggestion in dealing with his demands paid off and he retracted from a demand the first time I tried it! Needless to say, I'm now making that a habit. :o)
In terms of my relationship with the girl I spoke to you about, your book Are You Ready for True Love? brought out a lot of compatibility questions enabling me to realize we're not a good match. Thanks for being a blessing."

-Ozzie Perez (Orlando, FL)

"Before meeting Paul I did not have a concrete plan for the future. I did not know whether to study in school or what. Now I feel stronger, a refreshing and rebirth. Paul waked me up and made me believe. Since this, every day I feel excited, full of energy, able to work. I can move mountains!"

- Piotr Rembarz (Warsaw, Poland)

"Yo Paul, I love you! You’re the greatest thing that happened to us."

– Jack (Oviedo, FL)

"Paul, you’ve brought so much change for the good in my life."

– Richard (Oviedo, FL)

"Paul clearly had a lot of experience just traveling and meeting all these people. He is sensitive and understands the needs of a healthy relationship."

- Alanna Cruz, Fordham College at Lincoln Center, class of 2010

"Paul is very thought-provoking and well-spoken. Very relatable."

- Sabarri Haque, Fordham College at Lincoln Center, Class of 2010

"Loved porn and girls for a long time... lust sucks, and I'm having a hard time letting go. …my day job requires me to be on the Internet, alone, all day long. I read your article on the net. I am one of the thousands you are helping deliver from lust."

- Dean (Redlands, CA)

"I forgave people that hurt me, but I built walls up between us so they would not hurt me. Tonight they came down!"

- Barbara Rampalla (Daytona Beach, FL)

"I was impressed with the wedding ceremony you performed."

-- Lt. Carl Metzger (City of Orlando, Narcotics Commander)

"I was going through the internet to find Bridezilla advice (because yesterday was my first public emotional outburst), and I found your poem online. Your poem was funny and it helped me relax. Now I'm trying to make a promise to myself to never become a bridezilla again. If I do, I'll read your poem to calm me down. Thank you!"

- Julia (Washington DC)

"If one in a thousand had your compassion and energy, we would have utopia. You are one in a million."

- Herb (author)

"I am greatly refreshed by you!"

- Livinus Simon

"I think you are an awesome guy! There is just something about you that is so uniquely special and amazing."

- Rick West

"Paul is the best person to spend time with. His great personality, creativity, adventurous lifestyle make that you want to be close to him all the time. Paul not only makes you laugh, but Paul also helps you to improve your life. Being with Paul will always change your life for the better and move it in a positive direction."

- Asia Kwiat (Poland)

"I've been to three continents with Paul and always had a blast! In Peru we experienced excursions from surfing along the cost to ascending the tops of mountains. While in Indonesia with Paul I experienced the local culture, traditional dances, snorkeling with sea turtles, waterfalls, and hiking a mountain. There is never a dull moment when traveling with Paul."

- Chris Johnson (Unforgettable Photography & Video)

"My word, you ARE prolific!"

- Ronna Snyder, author of Hot Flashes from Heaven

"I feel as if my feet are not touching the ground because of what I have received from you!"

- Bishop Peter Ayuma Choti (Kenya, Africa)

"Thank You for being you and writing your book Breakthrough for a Broken Heart. You have been very helpful, supportive, and very encouraging with a real positive attitude. Also you helped me let go and grow through my divorce. It has been very difficult. But your book has been a comfort and helped to ease the pain. I learned something to help me to change and grow… Thank you for sharing your own personal story."

- Rita D'Anna

"It's not often that I find a book where I want to buy ten copies and give them out. Paul's book sparkles with his fire and is a testimony to what sort of dynamic person that he is. He is a prophetic voice that is rare to find these days. Keep on blessing people Paul you are an inspiration. Thanks …you have impacted my life!"

- Matthew Payne (Survivors Sanctuary)

"Thank you so much for spending time and ministering to us! We love you! You changed our lives."

- Joanne (Oviedo, FL)

"Thank you for the time you shared w/ us in Daytona Beach. I didn't believe in anything. I was very skeptical, but as soon as you started sharing your life and experiences I started to open up and listen. Paul, when you were taking about your childhood it hit very close to home for me. I was definitely lacking faith & I couldn't believe that w/ a life like mine, that there was any sort of God or Savior. But seeing that you had a somewhat similar experience in life helped me to open my eyes & my heart to God. Now I have a new peace in my heart, a calmness, something I have never felt."

- Amber Ricard (Daytona Beach, FL)

"Hey Paul, I read one of your books that your mom brought over a couple of years ago. It was so good and so true. I loved it!"

- Jennifer Black Densmore