Paul Davis - Worldwide Professional Speaker, Prolific Author, and Purpose Coach
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Paul F. Davis is a spiritual warrior who has overcoming intense amounts of personal adversity through which he experientially has gained much wisdom, knowledge, understanding and insight. Paul from his fiery furnace of affliction has come forth to impart pearls of divine revelation and displays in his ministry supernatural manifestation resulting in life transformation for God's glory. A spiritual warrior who is truly spiritual and not just high-minded, Paul births a spiritual awakening within hearts and minds, while imparting exhuberant joy, a love of life and a unique understanding of our loving Creator. A spiritual warrior overflowing with spiritual life, the hand of God on Pauls' life is evident by the free-flowing inspiration, supernatural manifestation and evidence of transformation occuring in those who hear the words of life and receive of the Holy Spirit moving through Paul carries. Paul F Davis is a spiritual warrior under the hand of the Almighty (Jesus Christ) with the ability to touch and transform humanity with divine healing for the total person emotionally, mentally and physically.

As a spiritual warrior Paul has a unique ability to hear the voice of God, naturally bring forth the supernatural in a playful and heartfelt fashion, unlock and simply explain divine mysteries, impart life changing revelation and usher in powerful manifestations of God with divine healing and deliverance for humanity bringing heaven to earth.

Paul is a spiritual warrior who has diligently written and authored 18 published books including: Waves of God; Supernatural Fire; God vs. Religion; and Godís Gone Wild & You Can Too!

Paul's compassion for people and passion to travel has taken him to 57 countries and 6 continents of the world where he as a spiritual warrior has had a tremendous impact. As a spiritual warrior and leader of his nonprofit organization Dream-Maker Ministries; Paul builds dreams, transcends limitations and revives nations.

If you are hungry for a spiritual warrior with divine insight, revelation to revolutionize your world and supernatural power to enable you to fully experience heaven, invite Paul to minister in your city!

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Phone - 407-967-7553

Email - 
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Phone - 407-967-7553

Concerning the self-proclaimed "spiritual warrior" James Ray, Paul warns followers to listen to Ray's former employee Melinda Martin who reveals a close-up look at the workings of the self-proclaimed "spiritual warrior" at his sweat lodge that fateful day when three souls died.

ABC News Interviews James Ray Employee on Sweat Lodge Deaths
Self-proclaimed "spiritual warrior" James Ray is questioned by former employee who tells her side of the story concerning his business, inner workings and te fatal sweat lodge deaths.

Paul can assure you as a former fitness trainer, life coach and licensed minister there is nothing spiritual about dehydrating, vomiting and dying prematurely. Faithful followers of Jesus Christ - the greatest spiritual teacher of all time - were never put through such rigors, nor should they be.

To pay $9,000 to be subjected to and endure such foolishness is spiritual blasphemy and hypocrisy as former James Ray employee Melinda Martin uncovers the workings at the sweat lodge and the internal issues with employees that "spiritual warrior" James Ray had going on within his organization.

It's sad to see people hungry for true spirituality being made merchandise of because the message potentially (if Christ centered) could be pure and empowering. Undoubtedly the Bible says, God is a "warrior" (Exodus 15:3) there is a degree of truth to this message as even the apostle Paul embraced the message of being a spiritual warrior (see 2Corinthians 10:3-6, Ephesians 6:10-17).

However the false spiritual teacher always points people to himself. John the Baptist wisely said, "I must decrease, be He [Christ:] must increase" (John 3:30). The way up in God is to go down and humble yourself rather than exalt yourself. Truly we can do nothing against the truth, because time always eventually brings the truth to bear - whether to confirm a "spiritual warrior" or break him of his erroneous ways and teachings.

Salvation is still forever found in Christ Jesus alone, without which there can be no genuine and enduring personal total transformation, inner liberation or spiritual maturation.

I pray James Ray, his sweat lodge participants and former followers will awaken to that reality.

On Christ Jesus the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.

Let us remember never to put our eyes on ourselves or man. Lift up your eyes to heaven where our help comes from!

Forgiveness, grace and truth is for whosoever will embrace the crucified and resurrected Christ - in Christ he or she can immediately experience newnesss of life! - spiritual warrior, spiritual teacher, author of "God vs. Religion" and worldwide speaker

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Harmonic Wealth - The Secret to Attracting the Life You Want

True harmonic wealth means you embrace total wellness: spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially. It's what the Bible calls a prosperous soul (3 John 1:2), which in turns flows forth fully to saturate every area of your life.

Uniquely and powerfully blending the natural and supernatural Paul F Davis has been able to magnificently and miraculously impart the principles of prosperity and wealth creation to countless individuals in 57 and 6 continents globally wherever he has traveled.

As a former fitness trainer, life coach and licensed minister Paul is deeply and profoundly committed to achieving true wealth across all aspects of life, while laying a strong foundation upon which to stand successfully in life. Unlike many who swiftly climb the ladder of success only to later discover their ladder has been leaning on the wrong building and fall... Paul takes another approach to ensure every individual's life foundation is sure, their heart pure and their relationship with their Creator well connected.

Unlike some controversial "spiritual warriors" you won't have to pay $9,000 to attend one of Paul's seminars because he is a spiritual teacher who has understands what it is to overcome personal and financial struggles.

Moreover Paul has taken his message of hope to many impoverished, disaster stricken nations often at his own expense where no monetary compensation was to be gained.

If you are looking for a trustworthy life coach, educator motivator, spiritual warrior and Bible teacher to take your life to the next level - look no further!

Paul F. Davis is the author of 18 books and a worldwide speaker who has touched 57 countries & 6 continents building bridges cross-culturally by joyfully disarming and empowering people throughout the earth to live their dreams!

Paulís incredible depth and powerful stories from around the world, entertain and inspire audiences making Paul a captivating speaker able to awaken the greatness within us all.

Paul speaks for Celebrity and Royal Caribbean Cruises and has appeared on numerous international broadcasts from Investors Business Daily, Oprah & Friends to Fox News to talk about success, leadership, relational intricacies, conflict resolution, life balance, and living your dreams. By reason of his global travels, Paul is a highly sought after diversity and multicultural awareness speaker.

Playboy Radio Afternoon Advice host Tiffany Granath calls Paul an "awesome" relational coach and recommends his books on love, dating, and sexuality.

Paul worked at Ground Zero in NYC during 9-11; helped rebuild a home at the tsunami epicenter in Indonesia; comforted victims of genocide in Rwanda; spoke to leaders in East Timor during the war; inspired students & monks in Myanmar; promoted peace & reconciliation in Pakistan; has been so deep into the bush of rural Africa where villagers had never before seen a white man; and shall be soon making his 2nd trip to Haiti.

A breakthrough leader, Paul humorously and elegantly transforms individuals and organizations, while empowering people to love passionately and fearlessly live their dreams.

If you are hungry for supernatural power from heaven, invite Paul a humble spiritual warrior who gives Christ Jesus all of the glory to minister in your city!

Paul Davis - Worldwide Professional Speaker, Prolific Author, and Purpose Coach
Paul Davis - Worldwide Professional Speaker, Prolific Author, and Purpose Coach
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